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HOOKED ON AMIGURUMI: 40 Fun Patterns for Playful Crochet Plushes was released June 25, 2019.

Crocheting has never been so cute! With patterns for everything from mermaids and the Loch Ness monster to jellyfish, teapots and cinnamon rolls, these cuddly amigurumi plushes are guaranteed to charm, making them an enchanting addition to a child’s toy collection, a perfect handmade gift or a whimsical way to brighten your home.

ONE-HOUR AMIGURUMI: 40 Cute & Quick Crochet Patterns with Minimal Sewing is scheduled to be released October 18, 2022.

Create utterly adorable crocheted plushies in a flash with these 40 fast and fun projects from Melanie Morita-Hu, author of the hit book Hooked on Amigurumi. Unlike with other amigurumi patterns, each of Melanie’s delightful project requires minimal or no sewing, making them even speedier to crochet. And because they all come together in just an hour or less, there’s no chance they’ll end up neglected in your “work in progress” pile.

Corrections and Notes

Sometimes mistakes happen! I’ve compiled a list of corrections and notes below, but if you notice anything else, feel free to contact me.

Hooked on Amigurumi


  • When the pattern states to join the yarn to the back look or front loop from R[#], join the yarn to the BLO or FLO left behind when completing that row, not from the row itself.

Boo the Ghost, pg 49

  • R6-11: 1 sc in each (30)

Suki the Sushi Roll, pg 113

  • The pattern is correct as written, but the photo is slightly off and shows a few less rounds.

Sonny the Soda Bottle, pg 125

  • R11: [7 sc, 1 inc] x3 (27)